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Vintage Soda Machines:

I would like to restore your vintage soda machine or gas pump, please contact me, I'm located in Southern California in Rialto, 50 miles east of Los Angeles.

 I can also give you the name of a local moving company or a long haul carrier that handles antiques and vintage items for door to door

pick up and return delivery of your machine or gas pump. I have been dealing with the same carrier for more than 10 years, please let me know if you would like the names of these carriers? 


I'll completely take apart the entire machine and restore it and have it looking brand new. It will receive 2 coats of auto paint and  2 coats of Clear.


Send me a few pictures of your machine or gas pump to:  and let me know what you think is the problem. Give me as much information as possible, I will then reply with a quote.


Here's what you need to do if you accept my offer to Restore your machine:


1. Ship it to me, Include all your information: name, address, phone number and email address.


2. Pay 40% up front. I've had many occasions where customers let the completed machine sit for 6 months or

    longer without paying or picking up. Pay me with a check.


3. When it's finished, I will let you know, pay the remaining balance and its yours to pick up.

Restoring a vintage soda machine or gas pump is a long slow process that takes about 80 hours. I would like the opportunity to restore your machine or gas pump. I have been a collector/restorer since 1990.


The turnaround time on your machine/gas pump is generally 4-6 weeks. 


Please email with any questions to:



Coin Mechanism Reconditioning:


I can restore that old manual Coin Mechanism, not the newer electric ones. I can have it looking and working like new or can fix it and not do the complete restoration, but get it functioning. Lots of people have soda machines sitting around because the Coin Mech doesn't work, the restoration process is on hold, now I offer you a chance to get that old Coin Mechanism working, or make it better than new.

Coin Mechanism work is not cheap.


I can Zinc Plate it, or just get it working. Prices vary depending on Missing Parts and the Service you want done.


Please send me multiple pictures of your coin mech, I need to see what's missing, please email to: I will then get back to you with a quote. It is not cheap to fix a coin mech. 


Here's what you need to do if you accept my offer to fix it:


1. Ship it to me, Include all your information: your name, address, phone number, email address. Put everything inside the box.


2. Pay 50% of the cost up front. I have had many occasions when people let them sit for 6 months to a year without paying or picking up.

    Pay with a check made out to Brad Cross.


3. When it's finished, I will let you know, Pay the remaining balance & the return shipping cost, that's it.


Turn around time is about 4 weeks.


Please let me know if you would like more information? Remember, Coin Mechanism work is not cheap. 


Compressor Service:

If you need refrigeration work done to your machine, I can get it going. For $825, I will replace your old Compressor with a new more energy efficient one. You will get new Fan motors for your Condenser and Evaporator. I will install new wiring and a new plug. Your system will be completely reconditioned. Compressor Repair is not easy work, Not many people want to work on these or don't know how. 


I have received Compressors from all over the USA and Canada to repair. Pack it up and send to me. You also have to pay for return delivery. Please email me at: with any questions.