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Who is Today's "The Man"

When I talk about "The Man", I'm talking about who is today's foremost authority on vintage Coca-Cola Machines. So many prominent names of the past have left us or have dropped out of sight. I'm talking about legends like Pop Poppenheimer, Jeff Walters and Steve Ebner.

To be "The Man" it takes someone who has been in the hobby at least 30 years, doesn't have to promote himself or let people know how much he knows. Today's so called experts, “rookies" as I like to call them, like to impress people on how much they think they know. But “The Man", has forgotten more than they will ever know. I am a novice to this person and I've been around the hobby almost 29 years.

"The Man" is Jeff Wright, co-author of the first book on the subject of Coca-Cola Machines, "Vintage Coca-Cola Machines, A Price and Identification Guide To Collectible Coolers and Machines". Jeff is successful in business, a true family man, very humble and a walking encyclopedia on vintage Coca Cola Machines. Jeff has owned some of the scarcest Coca Cola Machines ever produced, he is a pioneer in our hobby and today, he is known as “The Man”.

Jeff Wright- Coca-Cola machine authority

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